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Guest Post: Kyrgyzstan: Creating a Sense of Place by Tom Callaghan

Review: A Killing Winter by Tom Callaghan

… a bleak Kyrgyz landscape that makes hard-boiled New York seem like a kindergarten.

… utterly marvellous… with its bleak and atmospheric Kyrgyzstan setting.

… sordid, violent and yet powerfully emotive that I guarantee will keep you reading…

‘A book for those with strong stomachs…’

‘… an impressive debut… I was truly gripped…’

‘…a dark and disturbing picture of life on the edge…’

I’m not sure what scares me more: this thriller which is so unbelievably good, relentless and in parts very difficult to stomach. Or it might be the fact, that one recognises in this utterly distinctive, haunting and in the truest sense of the word ‘astonishingly good’ style that Callaghan truly knows what he is writing about!

I’m grateful for having been given the privilege to read this fantastic thriller prior to publication and will recommend it to everyone who can handle the fact that life itself writes the cruellest stories.

It will be difficult to top this debut, but it also isn’t necessary. Every author can count themselves incredibly lucky to have achieved something like this novel at least once in a lifetime.

Not since Child 44 have I read something so striking and I think A Killing Winter is actually even better than that.

Sebastian Fitzek, author of ‘Therapy’, ‘The Eye Collector’, ‘Splinter’, ‘The Child’ (2015), ‘The Night Walker’ (2015)

Move over, Arkady Renko, there’s a new cop on the dystopic, post-Soviet beat. Tom Callaghan’s Inspector Akyl Borubaev has world-weariness, sorrow, cynical charm, toughness, and brains to spare, and the exotic streets he patrols—the grim, violent precincts of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan—are crowded with dark history and very modern corruption. You’ll follow him into every shadowed alley and criminal den, and by the end of A Killing Winter you’ll be breathless and begging for more.

Peter Spiegelman, Shamus Award-winning author of ‘Red Cat’ and ‘Thick As Thieves’

At the studio, eyebrows were raised by the story and the detail, and we wondered where you would go after an opening salvo of such power, originality and breadth. I personally loved having a narrator and characters who were so politically incorrect!

Saul Reithlin, award-winning narrator of A KILLING WINTER