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Welcome Back

By July 28, 2020September 9th, 2020No Comments

To anyone who’s wondered about my silence:  I’m still writing, even if I haven’t published anything for a while, and I hope my revitalised blog will keep people up to date in these uncertain times. Like everywhere else in the world, Kyrgyzstan has been hit hard with the pandemic. As a small and poor country, we been overwhelmed by the virus. Doctors, nurses and patients are falling sick and dying in great numbers, due to the shortage of safety equipment, essential drugs, and lack of hospital beds. The country’s economy and tourist industry has taken a devastating hit. But the essential qualities of the country and its people remain intact. Its natural beauty. Its unique culture. And the resilience of its people who have suffered much since independence.
And that’s why the blog is back (and hopefully might even get me some new readers). Tom Callaghan