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Members of an organized criminal group were detained in Jalal-Abad

By September 23, 2020No Comments

In Jalal-Abad, two members of an organized criminal group were recently detained,  suspected of committing robberies.

In the early morning of July 27th, the regional clinic told police they had received a 59-year-old local resident with a gunshot wound.

The victim, a gas refueller, was sleeping in a car parked at a gas station on the Bishkek-Osh highway. Masked men approached him, splashed him in the eyes from a gas canister and shot him in the stomach, demanding money before fleeing the scene

On suspicion, a 22-year-old resident of the Kara-Suu region, K.Zh., who is registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a member of a criminal group, was detained and placed in a temporary detention facility.

Earlier, K.Zh. had been convicted under Article 299 of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, “Acquisition, production, storage, distribution, transportation and transfer of extremist materials, as well as deliberate use of symbols or attributes of extremist organizations”.

He admitted to attacking the gas refueller, after escaping from the colony-settlement, where he was serving time for the earlier offence. 

 In addition, a 63-year-old resident of the Bazar-Korgon region Kh.Zh. on August 7th stated that at about 3.00 am, three masked men broke into his house, tied up him, his wife and son and beat him, demanding money. The attackers also took 2,000 soms from the cash register of the victim’s store. K.Zh. was one of the attackers.

During his interrogation, the suspect reported that the weapon he used had been borrowed from a man named Sirozhidin. In his house, police officers found two home-made rifles, several bullets and one brass knuckles. He was placed in a temporary detention facility.