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By October 7, 2020No Comments

Kyrgyzstan is now in complete chaos: various political forces are trying to seize control of the country. Almost all of them are illegal.

After the capture of the White House and the release of political prisoners on the night of October 6, it is completely unclear who is running the country. 

 At the same time, some people completely illegally appoint themselves to different positions. For example, the Republican party candidate for parliamentary elections, Zhooshbek Koenaliev, has already appointed himself the mayor of Bishkek and has even begun to issue instructions.

The former president, Almazbek Atambayev, serving a prison sentence of 11 years for corruption and awaiting trial for murder, was freed by his supporters, along with several other former officials.

Presumably, his next step may be an attempt to get his old job back.