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Rescued from a Korean restaurant

By October 26, 2020No Comments

A Bishkek animal rights activist wrote, “Last night I saw a dog near the intersection of Yunusaliev and Dzhantoshev streets. She ran out of one of the many Korean restaurants in the area. The children were chasing her. I picked up the animal and rescued her.”

The author then posted a message to find a good home for the dog.

“Today unknown people started calling me demanding to return the animal. They introduced themselves as the administration of the cafe and offered me 300 soms to return the dog. They did not hesitate to admit that they intend to slaughter the animal and use it in cooking.

“I intend to apply to the capital’s sanitary and epidemiological station. This is not the first time we animal rights activists have raised the question with the city services: how does dog meat end up in Bishkek?”