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How not to stand out

By November 5, 2020No Comments

It’s one of the maxims of advertising (but one rarely followed) that you have to stand out in order to be successful.

But all too often, it’s easier just to follow the crowd. Being creative, being unique, being original  –  that all takes time, effort and money.

And of course,  that applies to book covers as well.

How many times have you gone into a bookshop and seen rows of books that all look as if they were by the same author, with covers designed by the same art director, using the same illustrator or photographer?

That doesn’t mean they are not stylish or attractive, or that they don’t give an indication of the contents of the book.

What they don’t do is give you a reason to choose one book over another.

Take the three books I’ve chosen above. All perfectly enjoyable.  All deserving of success.

But unless you follow the book reviews   –   and who has time for that?  –  how would you know which one to choose?

Being original may not make you successful, but at least it means you won’t be ignored.

(Disclosure: I loved ‘The Essex Serpent’  –  highly recommended)