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How an extremist suspect was caught in Kyrgyzstan

By January 23, 2021No Comments

For almost 25 years, Nodirbek Ganiev, an Uzbek citizen, was hiding in the Chui region with a fake passport. At home, he is suspected of murder with particular cruelty and of spreading the extremist ideas of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

“Living in Kyrgyzstan under a fake passport of Dilmurojon Rakhmatullayev, he tried to lead a respectable lifestyle. Here he had a family, two small children. He earned money trading vegetables in the market. But he led a double life,” said Rysbek Duishenbaev, head of the department for combating extremism.“Six years ago, young people began to disappear in Kara-Balta. Boys and girls went to study abroad, but all ended up in Syria. We had information that local extremists were involved in illegal shipment. Among them was our defendant. But then it was not possible to prove his involvement.”

Fighters against extremism have already found out that the detainee was involved in the murder in the Uzbek city of Khakulabad in December 1995. A severely beaten man was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. Without regaining consciousness, he died.

Nodirbek Ganiev, with the help of his relatives, illegally crossed the border with Kyrgyzstan. He hid in the Osh region for almost a year.

“The only one with whom I sometimes spoke on the phone was my mother. I called in extreme cases, observing all precautions.”

On November 6, 1996, Nodirbek’s mother arrived in the Jalal-Abad region. In the Nooken district, she entered into an agreement with the employees of the passport department and corrected her son’s Kyrgyz passport. Currently, an investigation has been launched against the persons who issued the forged passport.

It was then, feeling safe, that Dilmurodzhon Rakhmatullaev began to propagate extremism and terrorism.

When his activity came to the attention of the fighters against extremism, Ganiev went into an illegal position.“There was a possibility that he would try to leave Kyrgyzstan and move to Kazakhstan or Russia. But this took time and new documents. Recently we received information that a man is hiding at his friend’s house. He behaved very carefully. and practically never went outside. 

“We began to prepare for his arrest. It was impossible to arrange an assault on the house with the involvement of militia special forces, so as not to risk children. Finally, Ganiev was lured out into the street, where he was arrested.He had professionally covered the traces of his stay in Kyrgyzstan in recent months. He destroyed his passport, driver’s license, and prohibited literature.”

The investigating authorities opened a criminal case for illegal crossing of the state border and residence with a forged passport. Representatives of the Uzbek special services are also actively interested in the fugitive.