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Murder, mayhem and all that jazz

By May 26, 2022No Comments

As you know, Monday blogs are dedicated to serialising A MORNING RESURRECTION.

Which means that Thursdays can be whatever takes my fancy.

And on some Thursdays, I’ll tell you about some unjustly neglected crime writers.

Like Charlotte Carter.

I loved her three Nanette Hayes novels when they came out, and the good news is that they are being reprinted.

A sexy black shaven headed tenor sax player on the streets of Manhattan  –  what’s not to like?

She’s got a great embouchure and a great mouth for one-liners, and in her own words, she’s  “more or less a Grace Jones lookalike in terms of coloring and body type (she has the better waist, I win for tits)”.

Check her out.

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