Meet a Cleveland plain-dealing P.I.

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Milan Jacovitch is a Slovenian-American ex-cop, ex-vet, ex-married, and that means he has a history like a lot of private detectives.

But what makes Les Roberts’ series (19 books so far) stand out is both the location and the detective’s character.

Milan (pronounced My-lan) is working-class down to his boots, a product of his upbringing in this tough steel and iron industrial city.

He’s honest, stands by his principles, and does his best to be fair to everyone.

He knows how to navigate the ethnic tensions brought over from Central Europe that still divide the city generations later.

And he doesn’t have much luck with women.

Cleveland is the other hero of these books, partly because Roberts describes it so vividly, and partly because it isn’t one of the standard four US settings for so many crime novels. (NYC, LA, Boston and Miami.)

The plots aren’t wildly original – Roberts worked in Hollywood for over twenty years, writing for The Lucy Show and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and many more.

But the writing is always tight and well-crafted.

So sit down with a bottle of Milan’s favourite Stroh’s beer, and enjoy.

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