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Read and Repeat

By September 29, 2022No Comments

I hadn’t intended giving a negative review two weeks in a row. But there you go. 

I try to always say something positive. And in the case of Lee Child and his hero, Jack Reacher, it’s that the books are incredibly popular, with a hundred gazillion copies sold, movies and TV spinoffs, etc.

And I really enjoyed the first book, Killing Floor, with a very clever twist, simple but effective writing and a likeable hero. It was a great success, and one that Child obviously wanted to repeat.

So he did. Repeatedly. For (as of this week) twenty five more.

To save you the effort of reading them, let me précis.

Tough loner wandering no place in particular spots an injustice happening (bullying, sexual harassment, whatever).

Deals with it, only to have it escalate when the real bad guys appear.

Discovers what their motivations are (greed, power, lust, whatever).

Has sex with a beautiful woman.

Uses violence and cunning to defeat the real bad guys.

Heads off down the road, leaving the beautiful woman behind.

And that’s it.

Look how much time and money I’ve just saved you.

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