No laughing matter

By October 28, 20202 Comments

Over the weekend, I managed to fall and fracture my humerus. (Yes. I’ve heard all the funny jokes.)
I’ll still blog when I can, but single-finger typing is no joy.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  • Cindy says:

    Look like they spell you name differently over there 🤔

    • Tom says:

      Eagle-eyed Cindy! In the Cyrillic alphabet, the letter ‘c’ is our ‘s’, a hard ‘c’ is written as ‘k’, and they don’t put an ‘h’ on Callaghan. We’ve all seen the letter ‘R’ written backwards to make things look Russian, but in fact the sound it represents is ‘ya’. There are two official languages here; Russian and Kyrgyz, and they both use the Cyrillic alphabet. But Kyrgyz is a Turkic language, while Russian is Slav, so they are very different. A lot of people here know Russian, but not Kyrgyz, and vice versa. Confused? I am.

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